Rosemary warns Perdy against working with Matthew and tells Grayson to control his wife. He manages to extract a confession from Perdy that Matthew made her submit the information about Rosemary's first husband to the police. Later, Matthew gets a shock when Barraclough arrests the brothers instead of Rosemary. Meanwhile, an impromptu business meeting with Eddie stops Bob from seeing the twins. Eddie accuses Bob of not focusing on the job and his point is proved when Bob rushes home to see the babies, only to find them asleep. In an effort to spend more time with them he resolves that the twins will be an important selling tool and should be with him on the road. Elsewhere, Andy interrupts Billy cooing over Sarah and warns him to keep away. Despondent, Billy leaves but bumps into Edna. She is moved by his desire to change and offers him a room at her house as a way of rebuilding his life. Daz is delighted to have his dad around for good. Eli annoys Donna and Marlon when he parks a new sports car near the caravan. Convinced the car was stolen, Donna orders him to move it or she'll report it to the police. Del nearly catches David as he's transferring money, but he distracts her with a passionate kiss. He later tells an unsure Del that he wants to take their relationship to the next level.


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