The King brothers face individual interrogations as the police seek to split the group. Jimmy can’t believe it when Barraclough tells him that new forensic evidence can prove one of the brothers killed Tom. Kelly worries about the false alibi when she too is called for questioning but all concerned are dumbfounded when the brothers are released without charge. Elsewhere, Del is encouraged by Lisa and dons a sexy outfit in an attempt to entice David into the bedroom. He is thrilled to be taking their relationship to the next level but their liaison is interrupted when Rodney appears at the window. The hapless window cleaner completely ruins the mood and Del covers up, embarrassed. David is frustrated. Also, Bob’s new business strategy appears to fall flat on it's face when he needs to change nappies in the middle of a sales pitch. However, the move works wonders and Bob’s sales shoot up. But when Eddie turns up he is nonplussed and orders Bob never to bring the twins to work again. With Emily's encouragement, Sam takes Samson to get his shots. She confides that Bob still doesn't trust her with the twins. Marlon and Donna begin to dig outside the caravan, with Eli only offering to help if they pay him. Donna begins to wonder what the point is, but Marlon tries to keep her spirits up.


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