Del and David finally make it to the bedroom, relieved to be getting some alone time. When David leaves to get some food, Del comes across Val’s stolen money and David has some explaining to do. With no other explanation available, David tells her the truth that he wants to destroy Eric. But this isn’t enough for Del and she leaves heartbroken. Meanwhile, Bob senses that Eddie is jealous of his family life and invites his brother to help with the twins. Viv and Bob are both disappointed when he returns home from work late and misses the twins’ bedtime. Viv blames Eddie for their situation. Elsewhere, suspicions become internalised in the King family. As Carl and Jimmy point the imaginary finger at Matthew, Matthew confides his suspicions to Carl that Jimmy's alibi is false. With the investigation hotting up, Jimmy consolidates his stance with Kelly and she agrees to stick with the story. Later, when Jimmy goes as far to accuse Matthew, the ensuing argument breaks into an outright brawl involving all three brothers. Hari encourages Paddy to find a new girlfriend. Ashley encourages Sam to move on from his memories of Alice, and pleases Emily by asking her to babysit. Sam and Emily talk about their losses, and Sam begins to develop feelings for her.


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