Viv feels overexerted as the twins continue to cry. Emily offers to take them for a walk but this causes problems with Bob who fears she has stolen the twins. When Emily returns she is upset by their lack of trust and takes off with Sam in tow. Viv voices her annoyance at Bob's actions so he announces that he's becoming a full-time father for the twins. Elsewhere, with Eric back from his business trip, David convinces Del that he's in love with her and that she's a part of his plan. Del swallows his words, but is still concerned of the effects his plan will have on her friends. However, to avoid losing him she agrees to keep quiet on one condition. Also, Marlon and Donna are shocked when Eli turns up with a JCB to help with the building work. In an effort to connect them up to the water supply, he hits the water mains and causes a great amount of damage. Donna and Marlon are furious with Eli who makes a hasty exit. Worse news follows when a building inspector announces an impending visit next week.


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