Emily enjoys spending more time with Sam and is grateful when he leaves Samson in her care. Sam is forced to defend her when Zak berates his decision but is mortified when he calls her 'Alice' accidentally. Later, Emily attempts to clear the air but Sam is guilty and confides in Marlon that he fears forgetting about Alice. Meanwhile, it's all hands to the pump as the Dingles pitch in to help rebuild Marlon's foundations before the inspector arrives. Marlon reluctantly agrees to let Zak and Eli help out and is pleasantly surprised when he returns to find the job complete. However, everything falls apart when the inspector discovers the burst water main and Marlon offers him a bung to cover it up. Unamused, the inspector insists they start from scratch before he’ll sign-off. Elsewhere, Paddy goes along to his model making class and is shocked to discover that Rita’s a naked life model! When Rita asks an embarrassed Paddy if she can see his drawing of her, she's amused to see that he's painted her with a T-shirt on and insists they go for a drink! Much to everyone's surprise, Billy moves in to Woodbine Cottage as Edna’s lodger. Jack is furious when he learns about the village's newest resident and pleads with Daz to be honest with him in future.


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