Miffield Hall is sold following George's death, whilst Dolly feels useless at the farm. Sam tries to help by suggesting to Joe that they swap houses but gets an earful when Joe snaps, sick of people telling him how to live his life.


Locals gather for a viewing day at Miffield Hall in preparation for a sale going ahead following the death of George. Dolly tells Matt she wants somewhere for them to live alone as she's feeling like she's married to Emmerdale Farm, not just him. Henry receives a letter from Marian in Rome asking if a friend of hers can stop at The Woolpack as they're coming over for the Verney sale. Annie's concerned when Dolly has an outburst in the farmhouse, claiming she feels useless in Annie's house. Annie reminds her that it's the family house and she's part of the family now. Dolly's relieved however, when Annie understands Dolly's desire to have a place of her own now she's a newlywed. She worries to Annie though about using Matt's money to buy a place of their own, saying she doesn't have much to contribute herself and she doesn't want to take from Matt. Annie points out to her that she's giving to Matt by healing him over Peggy and the twins' deaths, but advises her not to rush things. Amos and Henry get a surprise when Marian's friend, Frankie Zorelli, arrives at The Woolpack and turns out to be female. Picking up on Dolly's restlessness at the farm, Sam suggests to Joe that he move back to the farm and let Matt and Dolly have 3 Demdyke Row. Joe refuses and tells him he's sick of people trying to rule his life for him. Amos is embarrassed when The Woolpack's customers get an eyeful when Frankie comes downstairs in just a towel to ask for soap for the shower.


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  • Emmerdale Farm returned from its summer break with this episode, last airing on 29th June 1978.
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