Pearl is torn when she overhears Kelly and Jimmy talking about his false alibi. When Kelly discovers that Pearl knows the truth she warns the cleaner not to go to the police but Pearl is unconvinced. Her mind is made up when Jimmy tries to offer her a 'bonus' to stay quiet. Elsewhere, Len worries for Edna's safety while Billy is lodging with her. However, she takes no notice and decides to arrange a Sunday meal as a chance for Billy and Daz to bond. Len warns Billy not to do anything to hurt Edna, but he doesn't want to know. Edna's meal goes down a storm and Billy is happy to find life is good for the first time in a long time. Meanwhile, Marlon resents Donna for allowing Eli to help with the building work. After talking to Eli himself, Marlon decides to apologise to Donna and explains that they will need to employ professional labourers to progress the work.


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