Jimmy and Kelly are filled with horror when Matthew reveals that Pearl hasn’t turned up for work. They decide to check on her, but are met by Barraclough and Dasari on their return. The shifty pair are taken down to the station where the intense questioning causes Kelly to crumble. Revealing that she gave Jimmy a false alibi, she has no choice but to change her statement. Meanwhile, Pearl fears the consequences of her actions and hides away in Jacobs Fold, the confession weighing heavy on her mind. Refusing to open up to Len, it is a secretly thrilled Rosemary who finally lets him in on Pearl's actions. Elsewhere, Paul and Jonny continue to grow closer but their presence at Victoria Cottage makes Rodney feel like a spare part. Len tries to convince Edna that Billy is no good. She defends Billy, but after she catches him looking around the living room for money, she begins to have doubts. Emily tells Marlon that she's made up with Sam; Marlon gets his job back at The Woolpack.


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