As Kelly unites with Chas at the courthouse to support the brothers, she breaks down, blaming herself for their predicament. The brothers are granted bail but Jimmy is unable to forgive Kelly for what she's done. Meanwhile, Rosemary continues to revel in their plight. As she goads Matthew by stating that Home Farm will be hers once the three are banged up, he persuades Jimmy and Carl to form a united front. Meanwhile, Pearl finds Len in The Woolpack and is disheartened to hear that the King brothers have been granted bail. After Jimmy threatens her, she feels she has no choice but to quit her job at Home Farm. Elsewhere, when Zak is forced to take Belle to work, an understanding Rosemary shows her round and the two bond. Touched by the little girl, Rosemary again offers to pay her school fees. Zak pleas with Lisa to change her mind about the idea, as, unbeknownst to them, Belle listens on the stairs. Billy puts the tenner he owes Edna back in the kitty; after he leaves, she nervously checks to see if he's taken any money. At work, Eli taunts him about whether Edna fancies him, and they make a bet over whether Billy can get her to make his sandwiches a certain way. Donna and Marlon insist Eli help them pay the water bill, but he claims poverty. Donna is annoyed when Debbie brags about her two businesses, but when she offers Marlon a part-time job at Dingle Cabs, he and Donna realise he has to accept to help pay the bills.


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