Eli ribs Billy about losing the bet and insists on the cash that afternoon. However, back at Edna’s, Eli sees a further opportunity to cash in when he sees some money in a pot. When she discovers the theft, Len is quick to suggest that she question Billy. However, when Billy forces a confession out of Eli, Edna is remorseful. Meanwhile, Lisa is less than happy with Rosemary’s offer to pay Belle’s fees and is further incensed with Belle refers to her as Auntie Rosemary. Zak regretfully informs Rosemary that Lisa won’t accept charity, but after Rosemary suggests he convince Lisa that the money will come as part of a fund, he manages to convince Lisa that the main thing is to help with Belle's education. Elsewhere, a shocked Kelly berates Viv when she advertises the brothers’ arrest on one of her hoardings. However, Kelly is soon made to explain to Viv and Donna why it was that she withheld information whilst Bob was still under suspicion. Meanwhile, the police arrive at the post office to make another arrest - Kelly. The police frighten Kelly with tales of prison life, and she calls Jimmy, weeping and begging for his help.


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Lisa Dingle: "Hiya, Sam. How's Samson? What did Dr. Abbott say?"
Sam Dingle: "She's off, they were a locust."
Belle Dingle: "Locum."


Belle Dingle: "No! I don't want to stay here. I want to go and see auntie Rosemary."
Lisa Dingle: "She is not your auntie. She doesn't even look like a member of this family."
Belle Dingle: "No, she is too well dressed!

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