Lisa gets suspicious after Zak avoids her questions concerning the mystery charitable foundation. One phone call to Mrs Burgess later and Lisa realises that he's been lying. A guilty Zak is forced to admit that their benefactor is indeed Rosemary and a livid Lisa lays into him for conspiring against her. However, their argument is soon interrupted by a worried Sam who is concerned for Samson’s health. As they rush him to hospital, all thoughts of Rosemary are pushed aside when the distraught family are told that Samson is suffering with meningitis. When Belle complains of the same symptoms, a guilty Lisa worries about recent misplaced priorities. Also feeling guilty is Len, who Pearl accuses of neglect after he flaunts his affection for Edna. When Sandy suggests that Pearl may have a point, Len takes action and produces her old engagement ring. Elsewhere, Kelly wakes up in a police cell, whilst at Home Farm Jimmy does all he can to help her out.


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