A distraught Sam continues to keep a vigil at his son's side in hospital. A shocked Emily dashes over to the hospital upon hearing the news and is horrified to hear Sam threaten to kill himself if Samson dies. Her concerned words fall on deaf ears and Sam is a broken man. However, when doctors finally reveal that Samson is going to be fine, he and Emily share their joy. Meanwhile, Zak and Lisa continue to blame themselves over the suspected meningitis outbreak. When Rosemary later turns up at Wishing Well Cottage, she is horrified to learn from Chas the drama taking place at the hospital. Rosemary rushes to join Zak and Lisa, and they are all relieved to hear that Belle is only diagnosed with flu. Elsewhere, Jack feels uncomfortable when he offers to take Daz for dinner in town, only to discover that he's made plans with Billy. He confides his fears in Diane and later asks Daz if he wants to abandon the adoption.


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