Del and Diane try to reunite Eric and Val. They get Marlon to cook a three-course meal for the estranged couple and all is going well until Val questions Eric's loyalty to David. Eric continues to defend his son and the row spills into The Woolpack. An irate Val tells David that Eric only went into business with him to get his hands on David's inheritance and lays into Del for sticking by David. Elsewhere, Victoria begins to question her mother's death after Jack shows her a picture of Sarah. After giving Diane her Mother's Day gift Victoria stumps her stepmother by asking if there is something more to Sarah's death and whether the police would re-investigate her case, but Diane begs her to drop the subject. Later, Jack asks Daz if he's spoken to Billy about the adoption yet and Daz lies that he has, to avoid hurting Jack. Jack is pleased that some progress is being made.


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  • A photo of Sarah Sugden can be seen numerous times throughout the episode.
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