Following the Kings' arrest, Carrie states she wants nothing more to do with them and insists they buy her out. Matthew is thrilled but Jimmy insists that Scarlett should be part of the family. The brothers visit their solicitor and discover the only way they can afford to buy her out is to sell Home Farm, but they would need Rosemary’s consent. Elsewhere, Jack sees Billy in the village and is flummoxed when Billy reiterates his objections to Daz adoption. Jack asks Daz for an explanation, he promises that he will speak to Billy again. When Billy and Daz talk about Daz’s birthday plans Billy explains that he can’t lose him to Jack leaving Daz worried how Jack will react. Meanwhile, Del lets David know that she’s in on his plan for revenge against Eric. Eric apologises to David over the DNA situation, explaining it was different then as they were strangers. David accepts his apology but makes the first steps to embezzle his money, with Del a willing participant.


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  • One of Scarlett's school friends and a school teacher are uncredited despite lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,370,000 viewers (11th place).
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