It's Daz’s birthday and Debbie throws him a party. With the party in full swing Debbie and Eli decide to set off some fireworks. Debbie is horrified when Eli reveals he got the fireworks from Shadrach and the tremendous noise they make disturbs Edna and her dogs. Edna sends Billy out to see what all the commotion is. Meanwhile Jack complains that the noise has woken Sarah but Debbie is unrepentant. Inside the party, Daz is ecstatic when a school friend Penny turns up and he gets lucky. However the fun is curtailed when Billy and Jack get into a furious argument. Daz erupts and accuses Jack and Billy of ruining his chance of being a normal teenager. As he storms off, disaster strikes. Elsewhere, Matthew and Carl continue to try and persuade Jimmy to accept their way of thinking but he sticks to his guns and won’t talk any more about it.


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Edna Birch: "My dog has just had puppies."
Terry Woods: "She'll be having kittens after this."

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