Matt and Dolly return from viewing a house to find a surveyor in their top field, having been told it's owned by the Verneys.


Henry and Amos are keen to find out why Frankie is interested in the Verney sale, but all she tells them is that she's there for a private client. Dolly continues to feel restless at Emmerdale Farm. Henry seems interested in a painting of a local spot that Frankie is looking at at Miffield Hall. She's keen to dissuade him from purchasing it however. Gerald and Charlotte Verney discover that Donald's planned a Sponsored Walk in the village in order to fund an education for a child in a third-world country. Gerald offers to match whatever Donald manages to raise. Matt tells Dolly he thinks they should use his inheritance to buy a house. She tells Matt she's interested in The Lodge on Verney land with it being adjacent to Emmerdale Farm as well. They agree to find out if it's on the market. When they head back to the farm, they find a surveyor in their top field who informs them the plans he has state the field belongs to the Verneys.


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