Scarlett is suspended from school after her fees are not paid. Carrie drives over to Pear Tree Cottage and confronts the brothers, insisting that Scarlett wait in the car. Inside the house, Matthew is unrepentant, but the heartlessness of their actions hits Carl. Meanwhile, Scarlett sees Jimmy entering Pear Tree Cottage and decides to follow him. She overhears them say that Tom was her father, and after confronting them, runs off. Jimmy tracks her down and takes her to Tom's grave. When Scarlett is upset with Carrie for keeping her from her brothers, Carrie tells her that Carl, Matthew and Jimmy are on trial for Tom's murder. Elsewhere, Daz is relieved that Billy and Jack have decided to be civil with one another. Jack invites Billy for a family dinner to try and start afresh. However, Andy is irate with idea and storms off, refusing to attend the meal. Meanwhile, Belle bamboozles Zak and Lisa by avoiding the subject of the Germany trip. Belle visits Rosemary and drops hints about needing the money for the school trip.


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