Scarlett marches round to Home Farm for a frank discussion with Jimmy. He pleads for his sister to believe in the brothers' innocence over Tom's murder, but during their conversation Jimmy lets slip the extent and circumstances of Tom and Carrie's affair. Right on cue, Carrie arrives with a further warning to Jimmy to keep his distance, but instead Scarlett turns on her mother. While working on the parade, Daz and Victoria flick paint at each other. When Betty points out that some of the paint hit a village photograph that includes Sarah, Victoria studies the picture. Meanwhile, a clueless Shadrach accuses Zak of having an affair with Rosemary after seeing them together at Home Farm. Zak is amused by Shadrach's reaction and decides to string his brother along by admitting to the affair! However, when Zak decides to admit the truth, he is unnerved when Shadrach doesn't believe him and worries that Lisa might find out. Betty notices how reluctant Edna is to give up her new puppies. Elsewhere, Louise's preparations for the pageant click into overdrive and she hires some show girl outfits for her contestants. Nostalgia soon takes over and she finds herself trying on one of the outfits and rehearsing an acceptance speech from her days as a beauty queen. However, she is embarrassed to find Daz ogling her from the window and swears the teenager to secrecy. Daz reassures Louise that she is still beautiful.


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