Shadrach becomes something of a menace for Zak with his constant digs about the 'affair'. When Rosemary arrives to find them arguing she makes the situation worse for Zak by planting a huge kiss on him and telling Shadrach that his brother is a master in the bedroom. Shadrach can't believe his eyes, but Zak feels more insecure about where it will lead. Also, it's chaos at Louise's pageant rehearsal as Katie and Jo get their claws out over Andy. Daz and Jamie arrive to gawp at the contestants, but it is obvious who Daz has his eye on. Later, Louise continue to confess her insecurities to Daz, totally unaware of the hold she now possesses over the besotted lad. Meanwhile, Carl and Matthew struggle to focus Jimmy's mind as he worries about Scarlett. As the court appearance looms ever closer, the brothers find themselves moping in The Woolpack. Desperate to bring his brothers out of their slump, Matthew demands that they stick together. Jonny takes one of Edna's puppies to give to his mother. Betty notes how relieved Edna is that he didn't take her favorite, Poppy. Debbie drops by to ask if she can have a puppy - Edna refuses.


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