After the stress of the hearing, Jimmy is delighted to have some time to talk with Scarlett. Back at Home Farm, Carrie prepares to cut a deal for Scarlett's inheritance, despite Rosemary's objections. However, as pen touches paper, Scarlett interrupts them, declaring that she wants a relationship with her brothers. Carrie has no choice but to agree while Matthew seethes with anger at Rosemary's continuing interference. Elsewhere, Marlon and Donna try their best to mask the housing problems as the Dingle kids visit. Donna gets jealous when the kids mention a summer holiday with their foster parents, strengthening her resolve to finish the project. When the day's work is done, Marlon is hit by a stray mud pie and a huge mud fight ensues. Zak takes time to comfort Donna and says that she and Marlon can complete the house on schedule. When Shadrach makes a veiled dig to Zak about his relationship with Rosemary, Zak threatens him about causing trouble. Meanwhile, Louise's preparations for the beauty pageant take a knock when an embarrassed Jasmine pulls out. Daz enourages Louise to enter herself in the contest, but she realises he has an ulterior motive. Deciding to take the bull by the horns, Louise questions Daz about his crush, but he rushes off. After discussing her problem with Jamie he tells her that Daz's feelings are unlikely to subside too quickly.


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