Donna wakes with a bad cold, but it is a blessing in disguise when the Dingles' septic tank overflows. After she breaks down in the café, Viv insists that Donna moves into the Hopes ' for a break. Marlon does his best to get Donna to look on the bright side but is hurt when she remains with her family. In The Woolpack, Eli seizes on his brother's obvious depression and offers him the chance to get some easy money. Meanwhile, with Viv attending Kelly's preliminary hearing, Eddie comes round to help Bob with the twins. While on a walk with Heath, Eddie goes for a drink with Lisa. After learning of their meeting, Bob worries about Eddie's feelings for Lisa and warns his brother not to cause any trouble. Elsewhere, Jimmy tries to unite his family, but Matthew continues to blank Scarlett. Jimmy persuades Carl to go horse riding with her and Jimmy is relieved when Scarlett confesses to a fear of horses, a phobia he shares. When they return to Home Farm, Carrie is unnerved by the growing bond between her daughter and Jimmy. Diane upbraids Victoria for the state of her room. Later, Jack accuses her of smoking, and bonds with her after seeing her looking at old photos of Sarah. He confides in Diane that he feels out of his depth with her. Betty asks David to hire Pearl for his cleaning business. David is reluctant, but when he learns of her bad history with Eric, he agrees.


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