Marlon feels even worse after discovering Donna's wedding ring abandoned on the building site. After Donna returns to pack more clothes, the thought of Eli's scheme begins to lure him in. Marlon resolves to cook a romantic meal for Donna in a last attempt to persuade her to stay, but she decides to stay with the Hopes. Elsewhere, Viv's interest is pricked when Ashley suggests they Christen the twins. Viv seizes on the idea and is excited when Eddie offers financial assistance. She catches Bob by surprise with the scale of her plans and tells him that she's already penciled a date with Ashley. Also, with Mother's Day approaching, Victoria and Andy share their memories of Sarah. However, when Victoria steers the conversation towards Sarah's death, Andy panics and tells Jack about her inquisition. They agree to keep the truth hidden, despite Diane's concerns. Rosemary, sick of Matthew's constant goading and presence in her life, pumps a flustered Pearl for any more information to help convict the King brothers.


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