Marlon can't believe his ears when Eli reveals they're stealing from the Kings. Eli is adamant that it's too late to back out and Marlon watches in horror as Eli smashes a truck through the gates of the haulage yard and speeds off into the distance. After distracting the security guard, Marlon is forced to pretend he's broken down when Donna and another police officer show up. Donna is full of sympathy for her husband and Marlon crumbles when he's made to give a false statement. Marlon is ashamed when he realises he has likely cost the security guard his job, and making matters worse, Donna still doesn't return home. When alone with Eli, Marlon tells him he doesn't want the money and bodily throws him out of the caravan. Elsewhere, a happy Emily learns she can become a verger. Her mood is soon muted when Victoria continues to probe further into her mother's death. As Emily evades answers, Victoria senses something is wrong when more people sidestep her questions. Jasmine notices her discontent and offers to do some detective work. That evening Jack sits Victoria down to talk, when Jasmine interrupts them. After deciding not to reveal her findings to Victoria, Jasmine makes her excuses and leaves. Victoria is more certain than ever of a conspiracy. Meanwhile, Jonny tells Hari and Gray that an old racehorse is being retired and they decide to buy it. Gray is anxious to keep the news from Perdy but Jonny spills the beans to Paul. He asks Paul to keep schtum.


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