Perdy is outraged at Gray's plans to buy a racehorse with Hari and forces him to pull out of the purchase. Hari is gutted, and despite the state of the books at the Vet's, decides to 'borrow' company money to pay for the horse. Elsewhere, as Bob and Viv prepare for their shopping trip, Bob worries that Kelly isn't taking her babysitting duties seriously. Kelly decides to rope Jimmy into help with the babies, but is left to cope on her own when he heads off for work. Later, Bob is furious to find Jimmy with the twins, but reluctantly admits Kelly has done a good job. Meanwhile, Jo's questions make Andy regret telling her the truth about Sarah's death. Diane and Andy think Jack should explain everything to Victoria, but he fears her reaction. Later, Diane warns Jo that the secret could destroy the family if it gets out.


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