The Sugdens try to claim the top field, and Henry hears that Gerald is in a financial fix. Meanwhile, Amos and Henry finally discover what Frankie is bidding on.


Amos sets off for the Verney sale. He and Henry remain curious on what Frankie's bidding on. Annie and Sam discuss their top field being part of Verney land. Dolly and Matt tell Joe they're enquiring to see if The Lodge is for sale. Bidding takes place at the Verney sale. Sam informs Henry of the top field belonging to Verney land. He explains to him that the field was originally wasteland, but Jacob decided to move the fence and include it in Emmerdale land. He says Jacob always referred to it as Verney land, but the rest of the family knew it as 'the top twenty'. Henry plans to contact a solicitor. Amos thinks that Frankie was interested in a Victorian painting of local spot, Dillingham Cragg, at the house for her boss. Henry remembers her ushering him out the room when he was looking at it. Amos checks the listing and discovers they've been painted by an Oswald Verney. Gerald confides in Donald that it's not just Miffield Hall for sale, it's the entire Verney land. Amos sees Frankie win the bidding for the painting of Dillingham Cragg. Henry hears back from his solicitor and informs the family that the top field doesn't appear on their deeds. He says they might be able to claim right of ownership but it depends on how much Gerald needs the money. He adds that he's heard on the grapevine that Gerald's in a bit of a financial fix.


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