Kelly overhears Matthew and Carl discussing Jimmy's proposal to make Carrie a director in King & Sons and assumes he's going to pop the question. After getting herself dolled up she bursts in on the Kings' board meeting and realises her error. Later, Kelly admits her mistake to Jimmy but he surprises her by producing an engagement ring, but drops it in the river! After a swift but very wet search the ring is found and Kelly is delighted to accept. Meanwhile, Viv and Bob argue about Kelly and Eddie being the twins' godparents. Bob still seems unsure of the final decision as he sets off to tell Terry he's a godfather. Viv tells Donna, Emily and Kelly they're godmothers, and makes Paddy and Marlon godfathers, but when Paddy tells Eddie the news, Bob realises he'll have to come clean to Viv. Viv then admits she's chosen Kelly as a godmother. Also, Gray is interested to hear Hari is going ahead with his plans to buy the horse, but the project raises Paddy's suspicions. When Jo investigates the missing money, Hari snaps and fires her on the spot. In The Woolpack, Hari confesses to Gray he's borrowed money from the practice to buy the horse, and Gray agrees to act as his partner - but in an advisory role only.


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