Matthew is appalled to learn Jimmy and Kelly are engaged, but Carl offers his support. Heading over to Viv and Bob's, Kelly is disappointed to find they're also unenthusiastic about her news. Bob accuses Kelly and Viv of forgetting about Dawn, and when Kelly insists she'll marry Jimmy without Bob's consent, he responds by refusing to let her become the twins' godmother. Back at Home Farm, Jimmy is delighted when Kelly asks Scarlett to be her bridesmaid. Meanwhile, Jo is angry to find Katie enjoying watching her struggle to care for Sarah. During an argument with Katie, Jo lets on that she knows about the fire. Katie questions Andy for telling Jo when Victoria doesn't know the truth. Andy and Jo argue, and Andy insists she doesn't tell anyone else what she knows. Elsewhere, still upset at Bob and Viv's reaction, Kelly tells Donna she's determined to marry Jimmy no matter what. Donna congratulates her half-sister and, reunited, the two discuss Kelly's future. Kelly insists she doesn't want kids, but Donna wonders if Jimmy feels the same.


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