Perdy confirms Katie's suspicions and admits she's pregnant. When she falls from a horse, Katie rushes her indoors. Paul overhears Katie telling Chas about the fall and dashes over to see Perdy, who tells him she's had a miscarriage. As Perdy's pain grows worse, Paul takes her to hospital, and asks Jonny to get a message to Gray. When Gray arrives at hospital, he's told Perdy had an ectopic pregnancy and must undergo a hysterectomy to save her life. Meanwhile, Debbie scorns Kelly over her engagement to Jimmy. Desperate to gain the upper hand, Kelly announces to a stunned crowd in the café that she's having an engagement party that night. Debbie is furious to receive a call from Scott asking her to arrange an engagement present, but Eli sees it as his chance to gain entry to the party. That evening, Kelly is disappointed by the turnout for her party, and outraged at Debbie's present - matching prison outfits for her and Jimmy. As Debbie and Eli celebrate their scam, an innocent dance almost leads to something more, before Debbie pulls away. Elsewhere, Hari and Gray are impressed with Boomer the racehorse's performance in training. Hari is so confident in the horse he announces he's going to enter him for a race the following day. Jonny protests that Boomer isn't fully fit, but Hari is insistent.


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