Gray worries about how Perdy will react to the news of the hysterectomy, and is reassured by Paul. As Perdy wakes up, Paul makes his exit, leaving Gray to break the news. Perdy tells Gray the baby was the only thing holding their marriage together, and asks him not to let Rosemary know about the hysterectomy. Back at Victoria Cottage, Gray confides in Paul that his and Perdy's dream of starting a family is over. Also, Debbie rejects Eli's suggestion that they make the peace with Kelly. In the café, Kelly complains to Viv and Donna about the previous evening's events, and is quick to dismiss Eli's apology. Meanwhile, Betty worries when her dog Charlie fails to return home, but is distracted by helping Sandy and Louise with the pageant preparations. Sam finds Charlie's body in Seth's old hut at Home Farm, and with Edna's help, breaks the news to Betty. Betty is sad to lose her last link to Seth, but tells Sam and Edna she wants Charlie's ashes scattered next to his former master.


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