Paul and Katie worry about Perdy when she seems cool after the operation. Paul urges Gray to stay by his wife's side, but she dismisses his words of comfort and shocks him with her belief that their relationship won't last. Later, Gray seeks reassurance from Paul and professes his love for Perdy. Paul persuades him to try again with Perdy. Meanwhile, Alan and Louise continue to clash over the pageant, neither knowing the problems that the other has with their individual projects. As the chaos continues, Jasmine laps it up in preparation for a newspaper article. In The Woolpack, Louise tells Belle she's too young to participate in the beauty contest before mocking Alan's failure to book a celebrity. He retorts by sniping at her 'tacky' ideas. But as the sun sets, there is another problem afoot which neither will find a-moo-sing. Elsewhere, Viv's Christening spending goes into overdrive and she leaves a panicked Bob to manage both businesses. On her return, Bob is shocked to find Viv has bought chic silk outfits for the twins and demands she return them immediately. Viv blushes in front of a packed-out café.


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