The villagers awaken to find that the escaped cows have destroyed their floats. Alan expresses his delight that the pageant will have to be cancelled, but Louise is furious and hurls an accusation of sabotage down his throat. Belle watches guiltily as Alan contends with the villagers' scornful comments. She is about to admit her crime when Alan angrily vows to unearth the true villain. Also, Scarlett attempts to persuade Carrie to move into the village but she refuses. Carrie is troubled to find a bullying text message on Scarlett's phone but is distracted when Jimmy comes for tea. She struggles to accept the growing paternal influence Jimmy is having on her daughter and it causes a huge row. Meanwhile, Perdy and Gray look forward to some time alone at home, only to be rudely interrupted by Rosemary's arrival. Rosemary senses a deeper discomfort in Perdy and after some not so gentle persuasion, Perdy confesses the hysterectomy. Rosemary is devastated that her dreams of grandchildren have suffered a blow and confides her concerns in Zak. Pearl gets upset when she doesn't think Len is taking their wedding plans seriously enough, so he suggests moving it from Christmas to May. She happily agrees.


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