Matthew seeks to confirm his plans for Mill Brook Cottage and calls a board meeting, unaware that Jimmy has decided to pitch it as a home for Carrie and Scarlett. When Matthew interrupts the viewing, Carrie is furious at being caught in the middle of the Kings' game. Jimmy insists that he wants them in the village, but at the board meeting Matthew throws his weight around and demands that his wishes be adhered to. Elsewhere, Rosemary suspiciously offers her support to Gray, but soon reveals her true colours and suggests her son should leave his wife. Gray blasts his mother and states that he and Perdy won't be parted. However, things look bleak for Perdy when she turfs out a pregnant Laurel as she arrives to clean the house. Rodney begins working for Rosemary, who takes great pains to remind him she doesn't want his input on business deals, but only on errands and making coffee. Also, Alan's mood isn't helped by the publication of Jasmine's article. A guilty Belle reveals the truth to Rosemary, who convinces her to tell Alan. He is furious and demands she explain herself to Lisa. Len tells a delighted Pearl that money should be no object for their wedding. David tells Del he hopes they can move to South America once their scam is complete; when she says that's so far away from their loved ones, he says they'll never be coming back anyway.


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