Scarlett is thrilled with a tour of her new home. She asks Carrie if they can lodge at Home Farm while the work on Mill Cottage is finished but is told no. Chas is puzzled by Carl's odd reaction to recent developments and he worsens when Chas invites Carrie to stay at Dale View instead. When Carl gives Carrie the guided tour, it is revealed they had a one-night stand and Carl is hurt when Carrie trivialises it. Chas bursts in to find the atmosphere is tense but Carl offers no explanation. Meanwhile, Alan exposes Belle as the culprit in front of the Dingles. Lisa is devastated that Belle confided in Rosemary and with Zak's support they demand that Belle comes clean to everyone. The revelation hits Louise and Jasmine hard, but Alan is in no mood to accept their apologies. Elsewhere, Debbie's preoccupation with the taxi firm leaves Len overburdened at the garage. She is forced to think fast when Len tries to work on one of Eli's dodgy motors and orders him home.


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