Eric invites David into partnership on a property development, but becomes suspicious when he discovers one of Del's false fingernails on his desk. He decides to install a security camera in the office and is appalled when it records David and Del using his computer and then mixing business with pleasure. Meanwhile, Viv demands that Belle be given an ASBO after hearing of her scheme. To make matters worse, Belle dismisses the Hope float as rubbish, so Viv tries to bill her for £500 in damages. After the news of Belle's guilt spreads, Louise persuades Alan to rejoin the pageant committee by promising him a public apology and management of the preparations. Elsewhere, Marlon and Donna are missing each other, but Donna still refuses to move back into the caravan. Marlon pleads with his wife to reconsider but she reassures him that the arrangement won't be permanent. Marlon is glum and it appears as though his cooking mojo has deserted him when meals are sent back at The Woolpack.


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Memorable dialogue

Terry Woods: "Louise haven't got the guts to tell you this herself, but after all the finger-pointing, it turns out that Al isn't responsible for trashing your float."
Viv Hope: "Well, who is then?"
Terry Woods: "Think small. Malevolent. Her private schooling has made her critical of the objectification of women for the purposes of a beauty pageant. I'll give you another clue: the rest of her family wouldn't understand that last sentence, either."


Marlon Dingle: "I'm surrounded by phillistines and I live in a damp caravan with a flatulent dog."

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