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Eric arrives late in the office after a night drowning his sorrows and lies to David about his absence. When Sam talks about his devotion to Samson, Eric schemes and plots to set-up a bogus housing scheme with Reg to entice David. Out of the blue Eric admits to his shell-shocked son that he swindled his mother out of the £20,000 and pledges to atone for his sins. Eric feigns surprise that David hasn't tried to ruin him, leaving his son speechless. Pearl and Len are approached by Reg about the housing plan, and to Pearl's surprise, Len is interested. Elsewhere, Marlon and Donna's relationship is the talk of the village with Viv and Bob discussing the extent of their problems and Ashley offering marriage counselling. To solve the problem, Marlon and Donna ask one another to move into the caravan and the Hopes but neither is willing to budge. As Donna heads off to work on Marlon's only night off it appears as though their problems will continue. Also, Scarlett turns her attention to Matthew on a visit to Pear Tree Cottage and he is forced to admit that he can't hate someone he doesn't know. Carrie is worried to witness Matthew dropping Scarlett in town and later warns him to keep his distance. He comes back by saying it's only natural that Scarlett wants to get to know her brothers and he won't avoid her. Rosemary runs Katie ragged at the stables; Chas stops by and warns her that Hari will probably make a move on her, whether she is interested or not. After Viv forbids Sam from buying anything in her shop until the family pays their debts, Lisa storms in and the two ladies have a screaming match.


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