Henry's solicitor informs him that they have a very good chance of being awarded the land if they go to court, but it's a costly procedure. Meanwhile, Amos and Henry are shocked to discover Frankie has been involved in a car accident.


Matt explains to Dolly that the drama over the top twenty land could end up going to court and his money might have to cover the expenses. He says that the land is worth around £20,000. Amos tells Henry that Frankie has taken the painting off to Leeds. Joe informs Annie that Matt and Dolly have got their eye on The Lodge. Annie wonders what will happen to the tenant farmers in the area, now the Verney land is being sold. Joe ponders whether to offer Matt and Dolly his house. Amos discovers that Frankie hasn't returned to The Woolpack overnight. He wonders if they should contact the police. He finds out that Frankie has been involved in a car accident and is in Hotten Infirmary with mild concussion. Amos theorises to Annie that Frankie bought the painting because she secretly knew it was worth a fortune. Gerald and Charlotte discretely inform Amos that they have a potential buyer for Miffield Hall. Amos fishes for information as to who will be buying the rest of the land, but gets nowhere. He informs them of his theorising over Frankie and the painting, but Gerald just thinks he has a colourful imagination. Henry, Sam and Joe return from the solicitor. Henry tells Annie that if they go to court, they will get to keep the land, but Gerald or whoever else takes over Miffield Hall could make life difficult for them in other ways.


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Amos Brearly: "He's a good lad is Matt. Very like me in many ways - quiet and unassuming."

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