Belle develops light fingers and pockets a packet of sweets from the Post Office. Once back home, Lisa is shocked to discover Belle's latest criminal act and frogmarches her back to the shop to admit her crime. Viv looks to be taking the latest confession graciously until Belle's speech of apology inadvertently reveals that Lisa called Viv a silly, deluded cow. Incensed, Viv immediately picks up the phone to the police. Elsewhere, Vonda and Roxy drop by unexpectedly to see Bob and the twins. Once again, Vonda takes the opportunity to make barbed comments towards Bob's distinct lack of fatherly care towards Roxy. However she provides Bob with the chance to make up for past mistakes when she reveals that she's leaving Roxy temporarily in his care. When Paddy sees how dejected Marlon is feeling with his lot, he talks him into going out for a few beers. Donna’s nose is put out of joint when she sees them heading towards the bus into town. When they board they are greeted by raucous cheerleaders making up a rowdy hen party.


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