Roxy is pleased to get some time with her dad. After a drama filled morning Bob serves her up some lunch in the café. After starting to wolf her food down she quickly comes a cropper when she turns blue and begins to choke. Terrified, Bob runs over but is soon in a panic when he realises that he can’t do anything to help his daughter. Jimmy rushes to the rescue and performs the Heimlich manoeuvre. The irony of Jimmy saving his daughter's life is not lost on Bob. Elsewhere, Jo feels like she's still playing second fiddle to Katie when Andy delays their lunch and eventually turns up accompanied by his ex. A smarting Jo takes umbrage and agrees to join two reps from a drugs company that she knows from work. Flirting openly, she distracts Andy from his dealings with Katie who insightfully realises what Jo's game is and leaves the pub. Jo tells him that if he's serious about her, he would divorce Katie. Viv takes things one step further and produces a ‘No Dingles’ sign for the shop. Bob and Zak, realising that things are getting out of control, put their heads together in order to try and force a resolution to the matter.


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