Andy feels pulled in every direction by his responsibilities to Jo, Sarah and the farm. He finds solace in The Woolpack to drown his sorrows. Later, he drunkenly attempts to get into his car but Billy cons the keys from him, warning that he shouldn’t drive in his condition. A fight ensues and Andy punches Billy to the ground. They continue to argue and as Andy flies at Billy, he defensively pushes him away causing Andy to slip and bang his head on the car. Andy takes the opportunity to lie, saying that Billy went for him and Jo calls the police who promptly turn up and arrest Billy. Elsewhere, Carrie hits a nerve with Matthew when she comments the brothers had no idea about Tom’s charitable nature following news that Tom made a hefty donation to a local chidren’s home. Carrie quickly backtracks and apologises. As the villagers later help Carrie move, Matthew throws her by turning up with housewarming gifts for her and Scarlett. The Dingle kids arrive back in the village and show obvious pleasure at being back with Marlon and Donna. However when Luke overhears that the couple have been living apart, he accuses them of putting on an act of togetherness.


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