Andy continues to allege that Billy attacked him. Diane, having witnessed Andy's behaviour in the pub before the incident, is suspicious of Andy's story and Daz urges her to go to the police. Meanwhile, Matthew goes to see Carrie with a business proposition, only to find Jimmy already with her. Jimmy is surprised to see Matthew and begins to feel sidelined by his new relationship with Scarlett. Matthew later puts his plan to Carrie that the two of them turn the vicarage into flats. Elsewhere there's high jinks at the Dingle's when Paddy falls victim to a whoopee cushion and a ‘suspect’ cup of tea. Unwilling to subject himself to any more tricks, he returns to the caravan only to find that Zak and Shadrach have filled it with hay. Stepping up a gear, Paddy later retaliates by glueing their boots to the floor whilst they sleep.


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