When Carl interrupts a meeting between Matthew and Carrie his reaction is all too transparent and Matthew quickly cottons onto the fact that the two have history. Realising that Chas isn’t party to that information, he warns Carl that there’ll be hell to pay if she finds out. Carl concedes that it's better to come from him and he reveals the one night stand with Carrie to Chas. Bored with life Paddy re-enrols at college. When he comes face to face with Rita, he is confused when she accuses him of not calling her. When it's revealed that the number was smudged, he's thrilled when she gives him a second chance and they arrange a date for the next evening. After Jimmy let him go, following his no show due to his arrest, Billy is left high and dry without a job. When Val suggests they take him on at the pub, Jack is forced to put his foot down.


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