After a heavy night's drinking, a hungover Carl tries to make things up to Chas, but she isn’t interested. She runs into Carrie who tries to assure her that she's no threat to their relationship. Feeling somewhat appeased, Chas decides to go home and accept Carl on his offer of a day out, but they end up fighting more than ever. Elsewhere, Paddy wakes up surrounded by carnage and debris after his night on the town. Bleary-eyed, he emerges from the caravan only to find himself in alien surroundings, in a random field in the middle of nowhere. Paddy calls Rita who at first is incensed to hear his ‘latest excuse’ for getting out of their date tonight. However, when Paddy finds himself face to face with a bull, the caravan starts to roll down the hill. When a hunting party cancels, Rosemary is left with a table full of food and drink. Upon seeing Zak, she invites him to share the bounty with her. Meanwhile, Lisa’s unhappy when Zak doesn’t show for lunch. When Zak arrives home with the rest of the leftovers, Lisa isn’t impressed that Rosemary is hogging her husband. Louise waits to hear whether she's pregnant, and is shaken by Hari casually admitting he isn't even interested in raising a puppy with her, let alone a child.


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