David is Katie's knight in shining armour when he fends off a drunken Hari at the Kings' party. Katie is noticeably shaken after the incident so David offers to take her home. An innocent goodnight kiss soon gets out of hand and they get intimate behind The Woolpack. However, a sudden noise startles them; when they go to look for who might have seen them, they find nothing. Meanwhile, Paddy is bowled over by Rita's outfit and he can't keep his hands off her before the party. As they are leaving for the Kings' party Rita steps out in front of Marlon's car and only quick thinking from Paddy saves the day. Rita is overwhelmed and spreads the word about Paddy's heroism to the party guests. Elsewhere, Rosemary is amused to be given a lesson in trout-tickling by Zak. Over at the Dingles, Del gives Lisa a makeover and sends her to Home Farm in search of Zak. Upon finding Zak and Rosemary joking around Lisa is embarrassed and tries to leave, only for Zak to invite her to join them. Rosemary feels excluded by their behaviour. Chas invites Carrie and Scarlett to Home Farm to make up for her jealousy; Carl and Scarlett bond, but he and Chas fall out again afterward when he belittles her for spending time with Carrie.


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  • The synopsis for the episode has a different version of the final scene with David and Katie: However, a sudden noise startles them and the panicked pair find a hoard of people leaving The Woolpack.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,430,000 viewers (19th place).
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