Rosemary finally cracks under the weight of Matthew's insults and slaps the mouthy King. Zak stays at work to comfort her while Lisa worries about her husband's whereabouts. Zak returns home to face Lisa's wrath. Elsewhere, Marlon's worries about the building inspector's visit are unfounded when the house foundations are passed. After Shadrach gives him a new caravan, Marlon is encouraged to ask Donna to move back in. Also, David fears for his relationship when Del approaches him, but breathes a sigh of relief when there is no mention of his kiss with Katie. However, Katie is not so lucky when Chas reveals she saw the incident. After agreeing to keep it a secret from Del, Chas warns David not to hurt her cousin. Katie and David meet later on and vow never to let lightning strike twice. Paddy is surprised when Rita invites him to a dinner with her parents. Sharon calls Paul in a panic when her wedding venue falls apart, leading Rodney to attempt to convince Rosemary to hold the wedding at Home Farm.


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