Del offers Lisa a friendly ear to discuss her problems with Zak and Rosemary. Following Del's encouragement she goes to clear the air with Zak but finds him comforting Rosemary once again. Rosemary gives Zak a pen knife belonging to her first husband and Zak later lies to Lisa that he found the pen knife in Seth's hide. Also, Paddy is embarrassed when Rita invites him to dinner with her parents who join with their daughter to salute Paddy's heroism. He finally snaps and berates Rita for her overbearing attitude to his good deed. Rita's mother breaks down in tears and her father explains that her sister was run down and killed by a car. Paddy is consumed by guilt. Meanwhile, Jimmy accompanies Kelly to court and she is floored when her solicitor reveals that she stands to face four years in prison if convicted. After deciding to plead guilty in an effort to get a more lenient sentence, she starts her wedding plans to distract her attention from the impending court case. David, torn over what happened with Katie continues to be short with Del, but they still plan to continue their plan to swindle Eric. Eric questions whether they should be together but says he just wants David to be happy, leaving David feeling contemplative. Grayson finds Hari injecting their horse Boomer, but he insists it's just vitamins. He says the horse will be in top shape for the race, and encourages Grayson to splash out more cash for betting.


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