Lisa finally confronts Rosemary and accuses her of sleeping with Zak. She admits her fears that Rosemary has usurped her role in the family before physically attacking her. Zak breaks up the action and Lisa heads back to the Dingles for a blazing row with her husband. Belle urges Rosemary to rectify the situation and she persuades Lisa to clear the air. Lisa is eventually convinced that Rosemary's intentions towards Zak and Belle are honourable and she spends the night alone with her husband. Meanwhile, Rosemary is visibly shaken following Lisa's attack and Grayson steps in to protect his mother from Matthew's taunts. Once she has calmed down Gray prepares to ask her for betting money but is interrupted by Belle. Gray is surprised when Rosemary stumps up £15k. Elsewhere, as Viv alters the Christening theme, Ashley unsuccessfully tries to bring her back down to earth. Undeterred he asks Laurel to help and the two of them talk up the advantages of smaller Christenings in Viv's earshot. His work appears to pay dividends when Viv agrees to tone things down, but Donna steps in and encourages her mother to make the Christening big, bright and tacky!


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