The Sugdens are delivered a huge blow when Gerald proves that the top field was rented. Meanwhile, Donald is shocked to discover Clive has been arrested in Athens.


Preparations for the sponsored walk get underway. Dolly entertains turning her and Matt's attic bedroom into a sitting room and moving back into Matt's old room. Sam gets frustrated over the changes happening to the village. Dolly discovers that The Lodge isn't for sale separate from the rest of the Verney estate. Sam confronts Gerald about the survey on Emmerdale Farm land, but Gerald claims that they were merely tenants of the top field. Joe notes to Sam afterwards that if they were tenants, they would have been paying rent. Donald receives a telegram from his son, Clive, informing him he's in prison in Athens following being charged for smuggling drugs over the border from Turkey. He isn't sure he wants to see him but Annie convinces him to go. Gerald goes to Henry telling him he has proof that Emmerdale Farm was renting the top meadow from George and payment was given in kind via a bottle of whiskey every year. He tells Henry either they start paying a proper rent for the land or they buy it.


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