Louise fears that Boomer will be tested for drugs before his race, but Gray is delighted to learn that Boomer's odds are long, giving him and Hari the opportunity to make a fortune. The race begins well for Boomer but three fences from the end it pulls up lame, devastating Hari. He spurns Louise's attempts to comfort him and faces a demand for the £15k from Gray and Rosemary. Elsewhere, Val is miserable when she finds Paul and Diane modelling their outfits for Sharon's wedding. Rodney recognises Val's pain and offers his sympathy, vowing to unite mother and daughter. Also, Bob battles against rising Christening costs and tries to convince Jamie and Kelly to contribute instead of buying a present. He later rejects Eddie's offer of financial assistance but is forced to reconsider when Viv makes further demands. Annoyed that no one seems to care about the village show plans, Betty, Edna and Pearl go shopping for supplies, with Sandy and Len agreeing to stay at the Woolpack in case Alan shows up. Instead, they're well past drunk when Alan arrives, and he leaves in a huff. Marlon unsuccessfully attempts to cheer up Paddy.


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