Rosemary forces Gray to tell her everything about the horse scam and it gives her a brainwave. She visits Hari offering to write off the debt for a small favour. Hari is intrigued and goes to Home Farm to learn more, only to be confronted by Gray. Gray tells Hari that his end of the deal would involve testifying against the Kings, thus implicating them in Tom's murder. Meanwhile, Rodney and Paul plot to heal the rift between Val and Sharon and Rodney invites Sharon for a drink in The Woolpack. Val tries to lay on a guilt trip but Sharon is unmoved and instead things degenerate into a huge row. Paul steps in and begs them to reconcile. Sharon caves and agrees that Val can attend. Elsewhere, with the rest of the village seemingly disinterested in building floats for the pageant, Betty, Pearl, Sandy, Len, Alan and Edna decide to make their own. They struggle for any decent ideas and finally settle on a futuristic float. Laurel plans to work on the nursery, but instead begins a frantic home clean at news that her mother will soon be visiting. Viv's plans for the christening grow ever-more grandoise.


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