Laurel is beside herself with nerves as she prepares lunch for her parents and when Ashley invites Betty and Sandy to join them, her anxiety rises. An unexpected visit from the Bishop, leaves Laurel with yet another mouth to feed and with literally too much on her plate, she begins to panic. However the lunch goes well and later as she and Ashley toast the day, their relief turns to distress when the police pay a visit. Meanwhile, the pressure of organising the christening starts to take its toll on Bob and when Viv swans off shopping leaving him to babysit, his stress only increases. Panicking about his financial situation, he makes a phone call about a loan but is astonished at the cost of taking one out. Elsewhere, Rosemary is annoyed that Hari has enlisted an unsuspecting Louise to corroborate his story and refuses to pay him until the King brothers are behind bars.


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Memorable dialogueEdit

Hilary Potts: "Must be very nice for you having your parents so close."
Ashley Thomas: "Oh, Betty's not my mother, she's um..."
Laurel Thomas: "S-she's Sandy's er..."
Betty Eagleton: (in unison with Sandy) "Companion."
Sandy Thomas: (in unison with Betty) "Bit on the side."

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